Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hello there, if you haven't guessed already, this will be my interpretation of a Cooking Blog. I'll pretty much be scouring the internet and any cook books I have lying at home for ideas and inspiration for tasty recipes to share.

I'll try not to overload you all with chocolate coated food, though. Well, not the whole time. I'm not some sort of health freak, quite the opposite, but I always feel the biggest bonus of tasty food is when it's good for you too. Besides, no one in my house eats junk food but me.

Cooking was just a source of fun for me which slowly progressed into a hobby, occurring on a weekly basis. This will be a place where I can keep all my work documented and hopefully collect ideas from other budding chefs! 
You should expect a few variations of food from Rachel Allen in here - Gotta love a bit of the Allens - she's my cook idol!
I mostly just bake, but through the course of this blog I hope to broaden my horizon and start cooking some mains..

So that's pretty much all I have to say! I hope you enjoy my blog, I'll do my best to upload my work frequently and I hope you get a chance to learn from my mistakes (because I do make a lot) and succeed in cooking some of your own inventions!

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